The Boo Grigsby Foundation has supported an array of nonprofit organizations serving the communities in Louisiana as well as some national organizations. To see some of the recipients of our past giving please click here.


We support a variety of education programs and initiatives in the Baton Rouge area. We believe every student should have access to a quality education and support organizations that strive to impact education. We support all areas of education: public, private and charter.

Medical/Health Services

The Foundation supports a wide array of medical and health related organizations and programs. We donate to research initiatives as well as preventative and support services affecting people of all ages.

Arts and Humanities

Our broad goals in Arts are to support a vibrant community of local performing and visual arts organizations and to ensure that children have access to arts education programs and activities. The Foundation provides funding for performing and visual arts organizations and for community-based arts education.

Human Services

Human services grantmaking supports local nonprofit organizations involved in providing direct services to people and families in the community, including family education classes as well as food or other direct needs.

Community Initiatives

The Foundation supports organizations involved in community development and planning. We believe that by supporting organizations that strive to make our communities a better place, we are investing in the future of Baton Rouge, the state of Louisiana and all of its residents. The main focus of our funding of community initiatives is locally in and around Baton Rouge and the state of Louisiana.

Conservation and Science

Our local conservation and science grantmaking supports nonprofit organizations that are engaged in conservation work and/or providing environmental education for children.