Our Process

The board of the Foundation meets quarterly to review grant requests. The board votes on complete grant requests only. Please contact us if you are having trouble obtaining the pertinent information.

Yearly requests should be submitted by September 15th so as to be on the agenda for our October meeting when the budget for the year is proposed.

You will be notified via email when we receive your completed grant request form. You will be notified by email or phone once a decision has been made, usually within a month of the quarterly board meeting when your request is reviewed.

Step-by-Step Timeline

The form can be downloaded here and emailed or mailed.

The board will review your Grant Request at the quarterly meeting following complete submission of your form. Yearly requests should be sent prior to September 15th.

The Foundation will notify you via email or phone once a decision has been made. Checks are usually mailed promptly after a decision is made.