Proposal Writing Tips

Successful applicants will have a clearly defined mission and articulated goals, pertinent financial information, and quality programs with measurable results, if applicable.

Ask for a specific amount of funding. Stating your need – whether it is for $5,000 or $50,000 – helps the Foundation make decisions about the grants we award. Please note that most foundations do not wish to be the sole source of support for an effort. Your organization is expected to approach and obtain grants and donations from other sources.

Narrow your request. An organization should keep its request simple and match it to the funder’s interest. Instead of requesting funds for an administrative assistant’s salary, new van, and brochure printing costs, the organization should determine what need would be the best fit with a particular Foundation. Focusing on one specific request will also help you write a proposal that is more targeted and clear.

Follow proposal guidelines exactly. Every foundation has different guidelines because each has specific interests in what we would like to learn about a project. You may not provide a foundation with the information it needs if you use another Foundation’s guidelines.

Follow instructions. Make sure you know what items must be included in your proposal. Please include any event materials or other collateral materials by mail or via email. It is preferable to get any documents in electronic format. Make sure all of your required documents are in the appropriate format (Word, Excel, PDF) and prepared for uploading to our site.