Boo Grigsby Foundation donates $100,000 in post-secondary scholarships

Career Compass of Louisiana helps high school graduates attend post-secondary education through generous donations from the Boo Grigsby Foundation. Formed by Lane Grigsby and his family, the foundation financially supports philanthropic organizations like Career Compass that serve Louisiana. A college scholarship recipient himself, Lane Grigsby is an ardent supporter of post-secondary education for Louisiana youth.

The 2010 scholarship recipients are:

Chawaun Batiste
Livonia High School

I will be attending ULL in the fall to study nursing. My surroundings are a constant reminder of how important it is for me to further my education and motivate me to forge ahead. My Career Compass coach helped me tremendously. She exposed me to so many different colleges, and because of her I visited ULL and knew it was the right place for me. I appreciate everything she did to help me. Words cannot explain or emotions express how grateful I am to the Boo Grigsby Foundation for this scholarship. I have to set an example for my siblings and shown them that anything is possible regardless of financial problems and negative living environments. I can show them to stay focused in school because it truly opens countless doors.

Kayla Beard
East Ascension High School

I have set high goals for my future, and I will stop at nothing to achieve them. I have been living on my own and supporting myself since 2006. I want to become a high school teacher so I can influence young people. I want to show them that they can succeed no matter what life throws their way. Because of my situation, I am unable to receive federal financial aid; therefore, I did not know how I would be able to pay my college tuition. My Career Compass coach gave me hope for my future. For once in my life it felt like someone believed in me and wanted me to succeed. It felt like I got a second chance at life. Thank you Boo Grigsby Foundation, words cannot express how badly I want to go to college, and because of you, now I can.

Awshanay Cain
Broadmoor High School
Nicholl’s State University

I cannot wait to go to go to Nicholl’s State University in the fall. It has been my dream for as long as I can remember to be a teacher. My Career Compass coaches not only helped me with the necessary paperwork that goes with applying to college, they provided much needed motivational stimulation and encouragement. They helped all of the seniors at my school, telling them that they can do whatever they put their minds to. It didn’t matter what your ACT score or GPA was, they encourage us to be the best we can be! Any financial assistance for college is a blessing. Thank you Boo Grigsby Foundation. I can promise you I will do my part!

Jireh Cook
McKinley High School

I am the oldest of 10 children. I want to show my siblings that education is the key to success. I will be attending BRCC in the fall to study graphic design. I needed this scholarship because due to circumstances beyond my control I will not be receiving any financial assistance to attend college. My Career Compass coaches have been like second mothers to me. They were loving, caring, and motivating, and they never let me give up. Thank you Boo Grigsby Foundation because I believe going to college will change my life. It will show the people who didn’t believe in me how much I can accomplish!

Candace Coupel
Assumption High School
Nicholl’s State University

I am your average teenage girl with a lot of dreams and goals. I worked hard in high school and was very involved. I took the classes for TOPS, but because of my ACT score, I was unable to receive any financial assistance. It is important that I attend college and further my education, but money was an obstacle. Finding out how much it was going to cost to go to college was a huge let down. I was stressed! I honestly do not know what I would have done without my Career Compass coach. I felt like she was truly concerned about me and my dream. She told me she believed in me, and that gave me the determination to not give up. Thank you Boo Grigsby Foundation, I will be attending Nicholl’s in the fall to pursue my dream of becoming a registered nurse because of your help.

Madalynn Couvillon
Central High School

Over the past 2 years, my Career Compass coach has given me an immense amount of help. She kept up with my ACT scores and helped me fill out and submit my LSU application. In the wake of my dad’s passing, Career Compass even paid for the application fees so I didn’t have to worry about it. I know that because of the recent loss of my dad and my family’s current financial circumstances it will take dedication, hard work, and a great deal of focus if I am to reach my career goal. I am thankful for organizations like Career Compass and the Boo Grigsby Foundation for helping me get to the next step.

D’Shea Digirolamo
Central High School

I am very active in school, including being a part of FCA, Best Buddies, MU Alpha Theta, and the dance team as well as being the student council president and the homecoming queen. I want to be a teacher because I want to work with children, and I feel like God wants me there to make a difference in someone’s life. College is going to be very hard for me financially. No one in my immediate family attended college, so we never really knew how much college would cost. I started my own savings account after I found out how much college would cost, but I know it won’t be enough. Career Compass has educated me on so many aspects of college and even helped me to apply. I seriously had no clue about college until I began meeting with Career Compass. The Boo Grigsby Foundation scholarship will allow me to graduate from college and do something with my life. I want to make a change in someone’s life, just like Career Compass has changed mine. I will never forget what Career Compass and the Boo Grigsby Foundation have done for me.

Tyniski Evans
McKinley High School

From my own life experiences, I’ve learned that no one can succeed alone. Not having a mother or father in my house to connect with has made my life very difficult. I live with my great grandmother and she is my only financial support. I will not receive TOPS, and without the Boo Grigsby Foundation scholarship, I will not have the money for school. My Career Compass coach encourages me. Support and encouragement are the two most important things students need to succeed. To receive these from someone outside of school has made a huge difference in my life. She made me believe that my goals are obtainable with preparation and dedication. I want to work hard to change my life and with Career Compass and the Boo Grigsby Foundation’s assistance, I know I can!

Villien Gomez
White Castle High School

I will be attending Louisiana State University in the fall to study engineering. I thank Career Compass so much for what they have done for me. They paid for my housing application to stay in the engineering dorms at LSU which will give me a huge advantage. We didn’t have the money for the deposit so this was a huge relief. I have worked hard my whole life to be able to do this. Thank you Boo Grigsby Foundation because without this scholarship I would not have been able to afford the university I worked so hard to attend. Come graduation, I will be the first one in my family to get a college degree. I promise I will not let Career Compass and the Boo Grigsby Foundation down.

TelQuisha Hardy
East Ascension High School

The past six years of my life have been a constant struggle, due to the fact that my mother passed and my father is no longer in my life. When I was a child, I always dreamed about going to college, but with my circumstances, I thought this was only a dream. Without the Boo Grigsby Foundation scholarship, there is no way financially that I would be going to college. I now live with my grandmother, but she has no transportation and is unable to work. Meeting my Career Compass coach was the best thing that happened to me all school year. She made me realize that going to college was the right move to make. She also made me feel comfortable and help me understand that there are people willing to help as long as I am willing to help myself. I believe that no matter what you go through, as long as you keep your head up and stay on the right path, you can earn a second chance. Thank you Career Compass and Boo Grigsby Foundation for giving me the second chance I need!

Tyre’ Jenkins
Glen Oaks High School Valedictorian

My financial circumstances have left me and my mother heartbroken and devastated to the point that I thought of suicide. I became wholly engrossed in my aspiration; I knew I had to make it up the hill. It is not only my goal but a burning vision to attend LSU. I want to major in education to be able to assist young people. For many years, the Lord has blessed me with people in my life to help me. I just want to do the same thing for others. I have not achieved the benchmark standard to receive TOP, so without the Boo Grigsby Foundation scholarship, I will not be able to attend my university of choice. My Career Compass coach has been such a phenomenal aid. She helped me apply to LSU and paid the fees for my mother and me to attend orientation. Career Compass has shown so much interest in my education that it has influenced me to take a step further. Words aren’t able to express my gratitude towards Career Compass and the Boo Grigsby Foundation.

Kevin McDaniel
East Ascension High School

I will be attending RPCC in the fall, with the hopes of transferring to a four year college after two years. The biggest obstacle in going to college was finding the money to go. My mom has been sick since I was in the 8th grade, and my dad works very hard to provide for our family. It is important to them that I go to college. Without Career Compass, I would have been lost. They helped me dually enroll at RPCC this semester so I could take a college math class. They made sure I filled out my application for the fall, and even made sure the fee was waived. I am so thankful for the Boo Grigsby Foundation, and I cannot wait to start school in the fall!

Maci Mouton
Brusly High School

Going into my senior year, I had no direction and didn’t know what I wanted to accomplish in the future. My ACT scores were subpar and disqualified me from entering a four-year university. When Career Compass came to speak with me, I was initially skeptical. They helped me so much. They not only helped me apply to BRCC, but because of their help, I am able to envision myself as a full time college student. The Boo Grigsby Foundation scholarship has allowed me to pursue my dream to attend college without some of the financial worries. Without Career Compass and the Boo Grigsby Foundation, I don’t know what I would have done. I am truly grateful that such assistance is available to me.

Christy Ngyuen
Broadmoor High school

I have known I wanted to go to college since I was a little girl. As I got older I realized that the biggest obstacle I would have to overcome is figuring out a way to pay for it. I have taken all of the classes for TOPS; unfortunately, I have not made a high enough score to receive the assistance. Thank goodness for Career Compass. My coaches have been so helpful, helping me apply for college and paying for me to take the ACT. Thank you Boo Grigsby Foundation for alleviating my fears about the future.

Rickikie Thomas
Plaquemine High School
Southern University at BR

I am really determined to reach my goals and there is nothing that I will let get in my way. Although I have been on honor roll since I have been in school, made a mastery on my GEE, and have been in the Beta Club since the fifth grade, my ACT scores prevented me from receiving TOPS. At the beginning of the year, I was afraid that I was going to let my family down by not being able to attend college. Career Compass helped me to allay that fear. With their help, I was accepted into Southern University. If Career Compass had not paid my application fee, I do not know when I could have paid for it myself. Receiving the Boo Grigsby Scholarship will be a very big deal because I will be the first of nine children to attend college. I want to thank Career Compass and the Boo Grigsby Foundation for helping me. This year has been hard for me, but you have made my future much brighter.

Chad Worley
Port Allen High School

I will attend LTC in the fall and work towards earning my welding certification. I did not qualify for TOPS or any other financial assistance, and I cannot afford to pay for college on my own. My Career Compass coach worked with me throughout the year, helping me find exactly what type of school and program was best for me. I am a hard worker and I am a really good welder. Thank you Boo Grigsby Foundation for the opportunity to pursue my goal and start my career with a clean slate.